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images-1Many people who consider participating in an intervention never complete the process.  There are a variety of reasons for this, with the most common being the myth that an alcoholic or addict must “hit a bottom” before they will accept help.  Uninterrupted addiction will plunge the addict through many bottoms. An intervention is meant to raise the bottom, minimize the damage, and begin the process of healing. It’s never too soon to start getting better.

Another “myth” is that addiction treatment won’t work unless the person receiving the treatment “really wants it.”  Addicts are in denial-you can’t expect them to be treated before they get treatment. Statistics show that motivation for recovery prior to entering treatment isnot a reliable predictor of positive outcome.  Positive outcomes are best achieved when:

  • Treatment is clinically matched to the needs of the individual
  • Family recovery parallels that of the addict
  • Post treatment recovery plans are rigorously followed.

Still another reason some families won’t intervene is the fear of appearing “disloyal” or arousing anger from you’re addicted loved one. The reality is that nothing can be more loyal and loving than intervening on someone in denial of their problems. When you’re dealing with an addict or an alcoholic, the process of having that person to commit to receiving help, safely detoxing and entering into the best treatment scenario possible can appear to be overwhelming.

Professional interventions are conducted in a manner that is meant to address that challenge and help each family successfully navigate through the process.  A professional intervention is conducted in a safe, effective, respectful, and loving manner.  Addiction is progressive — it always gets worse if not arrested.  A professional intervention can interrupt the downward spiral of addiction and begin a process of change that is life saving.

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