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Frequently Asked Questions

Just what is an Intervention?faq

A professional intervention is a carefully planned and structured process meant to specifically address the suffering of an individual and those closest to them. Its purpose is to interrupt addiction(s) and to provide guidance for the family that can lead to lasting recovery.

The process begins with an assessment that will provide the interventionist with information necessary to plan and implement the intervention, select appropriate treatment options and provide a continuing care plan for the entire family post-intervention.

Typically I intervene with families that have a loved one(s) experiencing problems with alcohol, various types of street drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana or prescription medications. I also intervene with families dealing with problems like gambling, sex, computer addiction, domestic violence, mental illness or combinations of any of the above.

Who should be involved in an intervention?  The intervention “team” usually consists of individuals that are close or meaningful to the individual of concern-this can be family, friends, employer or employees etc. The interventionist will assist in determining who is most appropriate to participate, based on relationship and circumstances.

What are the advantages of a “professional” intervention? A professional intervention provides a family with education and guidance that specifically addresses the issues surrounding addiction and change provided with treatment and recovery. Most families dealing with addiction are stuck when it comes to solutions and are easily overwhelmed by what intervention, treatment and recovery might entail. Working with a professional interventionist can help the family move beyond the problems and towards meaningful solutions and change .

How long does the process take?  It is important to understand that an intervention is a process of change – in attitudes, thoughts and behaviors for a family. The interventionist will do an assessment, help plan for and hold the intervention for the family they are working with. Some interventions are organized in just a few days, while others might take weeks to prepare. Safety, motivation, commitment and availability of family members usually determine how quickly or slowly the process will take.

What type of treatment is best?This depends entirely on the individual clinical needs of the addict. In some cases attending a twelve step support group, an outpatient treatment program or counseling/therapy might be sufficient. In most cases though, inpatient treatment will be necessary. The assessment helps the interventionist determine what is clinically , financially and geographically appropriate for treatment and will work within that framework to help a family select the best treatment options.