About Alcoholism

The sustained abuse of alcohol has numerous long-term physiological effects including, but not limited to, liver damage, heart disease, brain damage, stomach and esophageal ulcers, skin problems, sexual performance problems, memory loss, vitamin deficiencies, etc. Other issues include emotional instability and irritability.

Alcohol Rehab and Detox Considerations

Many alcoholics fail to see themselves as an alcoholic, ascribing their abuse as controllable and acceptable. That perception is compounded by the fact that alcohol is not a controlled substance (illegal), and thus generally consumed. An alcoholic is often more open to the need for treatment after injuring others or damaging property, while under the influence. For the long-term abusing alcoholic, alcohol detox is often required, prior to entering the rehabilitation phase of alcohol treatment due to the medical complications that may develop as a result of immediate cessation of alcohol ingestion.

Alcohol Detox and Abuse Rehabilitation

Detoxification from alcohol is critical, prior to commencing alcohol treatment and rehabilitation. Although alcohol detox itself is not a treatment for addiction, it can help relieve withdrawal symptoms while the patient adjusts to being Alcohol free. Fortunately, there are a number of effective options for treating Alcohol addiction. Long-term alcohol abuse should not be abruptly discontinued except under the supervision of an experienced physician, who can manage the withdrawal symptoms and minimize the withdrawal period.

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